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State Employee Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my primary business phone number?

To update your primary business phone number access PeopleSoft HR Self-Service Portal. Navigation: Main Menu > Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary page, select Change Phone Numbers. Update or add a business phone and select the Save button to confirm.

Note: The business phone must be a campus assigned number with area codes and prefix 619/594 or 760/768 (IVC) to be displayed on Campus Directory. Changes to the business phone in PeopleSoft HR will be reflected in the Campus Directory the following day.

Can I change my working title?

Working title is derived from PeopleSoft HR. MPPs working titles are displayed, otherwise the job classification is displayed. If your working title is incorrect, please contact your supervisor or send an email to Employment Services

Can I change my mail code?

Mail code is derived from PeopleSoft HR. If your mail code is incorrect, please contact your supervisor or resource manager to submit a request to update position data.

Can I change my business email address?

Business email address is derived from PeopleSoft HR. If your email is incorrect, please contact IT Helpdesk at 619-594-5261 or submit a ServiceNow request.

Can I keep my information private and opt-out of the directory?

Yes. At any time, you can login to the Campus Directory using the Sign In link. Once logged in, use the My Employee Info link at the top of the page to access your employee information screen. Near the bottom, you will see the link Change profile visibility. This will allow you to set your contact information to Private or Public.